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SFbBox by diaita

How many actually know the dangers of inhaling "Blue 1", "Red 40", "Yellow 5"? Well, these are in common flavoring concentrates such as Blueberry, Apricot, Banana and Chocolate to name a few (We have a whole list).

How about the "butter" flavors in Butterscotch, Butter Rum, Butternut or the more popular "pop-corn" flavors? Ever heard of Pop-Corn long disease? "Diacetyl is an artificial flavoring that adds the flavor of butter, cream or creaminess, and butterscotch to prepared and packaged foods. The Occupational and Health Safety Administration (OSHA) has listed Diacetyl, as an irritant to the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. In addition, OSHA has indicated that Diacetyl is suspected of causing cumulative lung damage." (Humphrey Farrington & McClain, 2011).

Diacetyl is actually a naturally occurring flavoring or byproduct of fermentation found in many dairy products and some wines and beers for instance. It was first produced synthetically in Europe and is added to thousands of foods throughout the world to increase or enrich butter flavoring - this synthetic version as found in major flavor concentrates still offered by some flavor manufacturers, can find its way in e-liquids if vendors do not have the means to properly test or analyze their products.

Another important reason for dissecting what others are selling is to point out the actual inconsistencies in liquids as sold by most others; lab tests on liquids from several manufacturers who claim to have a certain nicotine level proved their claims dead wrong! I for one, hate to see consumers duped into thinking that they're actually getting X% of nicotine, while it's just diluted liquid not even close to the stated percentage, IF it even contains nicotine at all! I must also note here, that we will not specifically mention manufacturers, unless their juices actually match up with their claims; to the rest of manufacturers, consider this an open letter and a chance to improve on your liquid offerings or at least claims made!

It is in our hopes that many see and follow this article - if you think we are wrong, we challenge you to do your own lab tests; if you have to, use your local university and ask them to perform it for you. You will be amazed by the numbers! The last thing we want to see is a good thing (Electronic Cigarettes) get bad media attention which will give the FDA more fuel to continue on their Big Tobacco Industry funded anti-e-cigarette campaigns!

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